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From Chaotic To Chilled Entrepreneur

Calm Your Inner Divergence And Skyrocket Your Business

A chilled strategy to earn an income without getting brain fog

If You Were Your Own Boss

What Would You Do To Get The Best Out Of You?

Raise your hand if you struggle to stick with paid employment, and want to earn money selling your gift instead. 

If you're sick of feeling lost in your head, and your brain feels scrambled most of the time.

And you want more chill in your life, but feel like you're in quicksand and can't get out.


An investment of £27 (valued at £197), the Chaotic To Chilled online course will springboard you to the freedom of being your own boss and earn a ton of money from your chilled business. 

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Autistic and a business owner


Make Yourself Your Number One Priority And Watch The Fireworks Happen In Your Life.

Go from a chaotic, frazzled, and stuck entrepreneur into a super chilled piece of lightning lust that takes control of their business, with ease.

The source to my success is included in the Chaotic To Chilled course which contains a specific roadmap to creating your own business with ease.


The result? An instant selling machine*…just from being lazer focused on one business idea, and liberating your inner strenghts.

*Currently in beta. I’d love for you to help me prove it!

Join Your Tribe

Bonus Feature Is A Free Access To Our Online Community Of Entrepreneurs

There's nothing better than being part of a group that you truly fit in - accept perhaps melted chocolate on Cornish ice-cream, mmm.

After you've completed the course, you will be able to join a tribe of other neurodiverse entrepreneurs and keep learning, growing, and chilling with each other. You might even reap customers/clients. 

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If You're Anything Like Me -You Will Have A Sh*t Ton Of Business Ideas

but your neurodiverse brain quickly burns out as you navigate through life like a puppy on skittles, and not like a Swan Lake ballerina we've all pretended to be in our kitchen.


You've got something that others need from you, but your chaotic brain prevents you from turning your gift into making money, and living your dream life.

Change Your Life One Business At A Time

I've been an entrepreneur since I was 11 years old, and most of my business ideas came to me whilst I was on holiday somewhere. In fact, on my recent trip to Spain, I came up with this online course that will help divergent entrepreneurs feel calm, courageous, and earn a chilled income. 

When I became serious about business, I started to research other entrepreneurs for inspiration. Yet, there was just one specific thing that they said which stopped me from getting into my own groove and succeeding.

It was how much they said they were earning: mainly 6 to 7 figures per year.

I fleeted between not believing them to not believing that I could achieve £100,000+ per year either.

It is for this reason that I do not share how much I've earned over the years. I don’t want to put you off from your own success.

Talking of success - and to get you started on being more chilled - download my free workbook that will help you gain clarity, confidence, and consider whether entrepreneurship is for you.


Your Roadmap Out Of Chaos

Clear and simple steps to creating and implementing a chilled income

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On The Chaotic To Chilled Online Course You Will...

How My Experience Has Impacted Others

'Wonderful connection with Tanya and some real breakthrough moments that I'm looking forward to exploring and working on.'



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